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    At MegaPlay whether you are an experienced player or a newcomer in the crypto gambling world, with our Dice game you will for sure have a fun experience. Dice is an easy and straightforward game that offers a huge potential of winning big money. On Dice you will see the numbers between 0 and 9999. You, mega crypto gambler, have to pick a number between 0 and 9999 and choose if you want to roll over or roll under the number that you have chosen. If you land a number under or over the one that you picked, it's a win. Here we have an example: If you choose number 4500 and you want to roll over, and after you hit "Roll Dice" the number will be 6345 you will win the bet. And this example is the same for roll under: if you choose the number 4500 and pick roll under and the number will be 3432 you win the bet again. When you are playing Dice on MegaPlay, you can choose different probabilites of outcome and this will affect your winnings. So the higher probability to win, the wider will be the range and a smaller multiplier. But at the same time, if you choose a small range of number the chance of winning will be much smaller, but the multiplier will be much larger so the profit will be much bigger. At Dice you are in full control of your decision to make your own strategy and win big money!

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