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    The lottery prizes are drawn by a provably fair algorithm. You need to choose six numbers for each ticket. The first five numbers range from 1 to 36 and the last one is from 1 to 10 (the jackpot numbers). You have the possibility to pick the numbers manually or you can choose to be selected automatically. Each draw produces six numbers. The more numbers you match in the first five, the bigger your prize will be. If two of the first 5 numbers are matched, each ticket gets a $0.05 prize. If three of the first 5 numbers are matched, you get $1 prize for each respective ticket. If four of the first 5 numbers are matched, you get a $25 prize for the ticket. If all first 5 numbers are matched, then you win a $2500 prize. In case that all the six numbers are matched (including the jackpot number), you win the Jackpot and you get a whopping $125,000 prize. The price for 1 lottery ticket is $0.1/0.00000174 BTC. Prizes are drawn everyday.

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